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office.com/myaccount - signin to office myaccount to enter office setup product key or manage your susbcription, renewal, cancellation, reinstall office to other device or adk for supprot

What is Office MyAccount?

After Office Setup purchase you need to create an account for managing your office susbcription and renewal,There are multiple options of myaccount page which user can manage by himself.

Options on Office Myaccount Page

If you’re installing office for first time, you might not have an account page yet. You’ll set that up as a part of installing Office. you can create new account directly from office.com/myaccount

If you Already have an account

  1. you can sign in to your office setup account
  2. Go to office.com/myaccount and click on enter product key
  3. if you do not remember your account login id and password, get support

If you have not purchased office

  • you will get link to buy office

After Sign in and Product key confirmed

  1. You can install office setup on your windows or Mac computer
  2. Share MS office 365
  3. Manage Subscription
    • Manage Payment
    • office setup renewal
    • office setup cancellation
  4. Activate your MS Skype-S Minutes
  5. Visit MS OneDrive

MS Office Setup support

While Office setup with product key you are facing trouble or getting error, it may be due to incorrect process or your combatibility of device.Get support for office installation from office.com/setup